June 2017

[New Feature] How to Add Existing Infusionsoft Contacts to Salesmsg in 1-Click

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Did you know that you can add your existing Infusionsoft contacts to Salesmsg in one-click? We rolled out a new feature for Infusionsoft users that allows you to instantly search for your Infusionsoft contacts by [...]

Automate Your Text Messaging With Our New Zapier SMS Integration

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“Does Salesmsg integrate with _________?” We get that question quite a lot here, but truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to integrate with every single CRM and niche platform out there. There’s literally thousands of [...]

The Beginners Guide to Getting Text Message Leads From Instagram

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Instagram is on a tear! With a reported 700 million users and their growth rate doesn’t seem to be slowing down, only speeding up. For reference, it took Instagram just four months to add the [...]

How to Use Google Adwords Click-to-Message To Close More Sales

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A few months ago Google announced a new feature for Adwords called Click-to-Message that now gives advertisers a way for consumers to text their business from ads.¬†Over 65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging [...]

March 2017

Salesmsg Was Chosen As a FINALIST For Infusionsoft’s Developer Showcase Award Contest

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So I’m a huge fan of Infusionsoft and have been since 2012. In fact, our entire business at Call Loop runs off Infusionsoft, so does Automize, and now… so does Salesmsg. So when it came [...]