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What Is SMS Marketing? Everything You Need To Know

What Is SMS Marketing? Everything You Need To Know

Note: this post on SMS Marketing was originally published in November 2019. We have periodically updated it to ensure that the information is as current as possible. We last refreshed it on November 21, 2021.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS (short message service) marketing is the process of sending promotional, transactional, and other marketing-related messages to customers via SMSs on mobile phones.

SMS marketing is just another marketing channel for your company to reach your customers. For example, you can combine SMS marketing and email marketing for more targeted drip campaigns.

However, unlike most other marketing channels, SMS marketing tends to be extremely precise due to its 160 character limit.

Despite those limits, many marketers today rely on SMS marketing as a quick, affordable way to engage their target audiences. Indeed, SMS marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing tactics today. It’s reliable, accessible and will help you reach your customers in no time.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about SMS marketing and show you how to leverage it for your company.

New Salesmsg Pricing – 2021

Over the last 5 years, we’ve added over 135+ new features, fixed over 3,174+ bugs, made over 1,542+ and we are not slowing down. Meanwhile, our prices have been fixed.

While the plans we previously had did not reflect the major improvements we made to the platform over the last couple of years, the major drawback was the lack of flexibility for our customers

Today Salesmsg is used by businesses of all sizes, for different a wide variety of use cases.

However, prior to this change in our pricing structure, not every business could choose a plan that suits its needs. For that reason, when we designed the new pricing structure we had flexibility as the core principle in mind.

We are delighted to bring to you today a pricing structure that is flexible to suit your needs.

A Plan for Every Business 

The first and perhaps most important improvement we added to our pricing structure is the flexibility with monthly credits.

You are no longer required to pick one of two widely divergent plans. If your anticipated usage falls somewhere in between then there is a plan for you.

Pay for Salesmsg Only When You Need it

In addition to flexibility with the volume of credits you use, there is also flexibility on frequency. If your need for business texting and calling is frequent, then you can choose a monthly subscription.

Alternatively, if your need for texting is seasonal for example around major holidays or tax season, then you can opt for a Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Pay-As-You-Go is a flexible lite option with fewer features, designed for businesses with sporadic need for texting.

Transparent Billing

Lastly, your Salesmsg bill is clearer than ever. As the platform grew, the range of add-on products you can include in your subscription grew as well.

Now you will be able to see the breakdown of what you are paying for, between subscription and other add-ons such as Seats, Numbers, Bulk Credits, and more!

Questions? Concerns? We’re Here To Help

  1. You can, no surprise here, text us: (561) 788-7898
  2. But we also jam with a killer Help Center that should answer 96% of your questions, not including what flavor ice cream you should eat tonight.

What next?

If you’re looking for the best business texting platform in the industry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for free.

If you’re a Salesmsg user we can wait for you to start using our platform to call your customers. If you have further ideas on how to further improve calling, you can share them with us here.

SMS Compliance for Marketing and Sales: What You Need to Know

SMS Compliance for Marketing and Sales: What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about using SMS for marketing and/or sales communication to consumers, it’s important to know the ins and outs of SMS compliance for businesses. While this doesn’t constitute legal advice, the intent of this post is to help you understand some of the rules and regulations governing texting for business, and to answer some common questions around the issue.

SMS for Sales: The Complete Guide

SMS for Sales: The Complete Guide

In the right hands, SMS for sales is a powerful revenue-generating tool, driving outreach and engagement, and helping to close more deals, faster. With 90% of leads preferring to connect via SMS rather than over the phone, scaling your sales with SMS can be done both ethically and effectively, with the combination of simple planning and implementation. Read on to learn more about how, why and when to add SMS for sales to your toolbox!