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NEW! Announcing Actionable Analytics

Announcing Actionable Analytics

We all rely on many tools and apps both personally and for the businesses we are part of. However, with such a large number of apps and the lack of actionable analytics, it can get tricky (at times almost impossible) to figure out which ones are contributing to your ROI.

At Salesmsg we are committed to building a platform that will help transform the way you engage your customers, and in the process, boost your key business metrics.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. That is why, today we are excited to introduce a number of new and improved Actionable Analytics features to give you insights into how effectively you are using Salesmsg, and what you can do to get the most out of the platform.

The first feature of the Actionable Analytics suite is Conversion Tracking. 

Conversion Tracking helps you understand exactly how your Salesmsg Broadcasts are converting your prospects into customers. There are unlimited conversion scenarios that you may be interested in tracking such as:

  • the number of products you sell on your e-commerce site
  • the number of new leads you were able to generate through your landing page
  • How many newsletter subscriptions or webinar registrations you have gotten, and many more!

Tracking a conversion event in Salesmsg is very easy. Simply create a new Conversion, specify the URL of the specific page that indicates a successful conversion, and a value for your conversion.

Salesmsg Conversion Tracking

The last thing you need to do before you start tracking conversions is add the provided code snippet to every page on your website.

From there include these conversion events in Broadcasts, the tracking will start!

Click Tracking

In addition to Conversion Tracking, Salesmsg has a Click Tracking feature for Broadcasts and Triggers. The cool thing about this feature is that if you include more than one link in the message body of a Broadcast, the number of clicks generated will be broken down by links.

Salesmsg Click Tracking

Triggers & Broadcasts Analytics

To help you further understand the effectiveness of your Broadcasts and Triggers, Salesmsg provides a number of metrics beyond total clicks such as total Sent, Failed, Replies and even Opt-outs.

Trigger & Broadcast Analytics

Analytics Dashboards

Lastly, with the Analytics dashboard, as a Salesmsg user you can get a bird’s eye view on how effectively you are using Salesmsg message including analytics on Messaging, Calling, Member & Inbox activity and Contacts. 

Salesmsg Analytics Dashboard

Questions? Concerns? We’re Here To Help

  1. You can, no surprise here, text us: (561) 788-7898
  2. But we also jam with a killer Help Center that should answer 96% of your questions, not including what flavor ice cream you should eat tonight.

What next?

If you’re looking for the best business texting platform in the industry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for free.

If you’re a Salesmsg user we can wait for you to start using our platform to call your customers. If you have further ideas on how to further improve calling, you can share them with us here.

Is it Possible to Automate Texting for Your Business?

Is it Possible to Automate Texting for Your Business?

The short answer is, yes!

Actually, the long answer is yes, too: automating texting for you business is not only possible, but something that can help you drive better sales results, speed up customer communications, and improve satisfaction.

Selling is a complex business. A customer’s brand loyalty is often driven by the quality of the so-called “customer experience”一a broad term encompassing the buyer’s journey from its beginning investigative stages through to post-purchase and follow-up. Throughout, business workflows are complicated, often with multiple touchpoints, and lots and lots of tasks.

New! Make & Receive Calls with Salesmsg

Salesmsg Calling is finally here.

Salesmsg was built on the notion that conversations are good for business. Now with calling as the latest addition to our platform, we hope to help you grow your business through more impactful conversations.

Have you ever had a long text conversation from your Salesmsg number and then have to call from a different number?

Do you have customers who prefer to be engaged over the phone as opposed to texting?

Or perhaps you need to explain a long list of instructions to your customer and texting won’t do it…

Well, we are very excited about the latest addition to Salesmsg!

It has been a long time coming and many of you have asked for it. As of today, we are introducing Outbound & Inbound Calling across all devices: web, mobile apps, and the Chrome extension. 

How it Works

Usability was our prime focus when we designed this feature. Our goal was to create an awesome calling experience that blends seamlessly with the current messaging experience that many of you love. 

With all the integrations that Salesmsg already has such as Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, and the many more to come, calling on Salesmsg will get an extra kick 🙂