NEW! How the Salesmsg Pipedrive SMS Integration Helps You Close More Deals

NEW! How the Salesmsg Pipedrive SMS Integration Helps You Close More Deals

Are you using a CRM that doesn’t integrate with Salesmsg’s business texting application? Are you switching between Salesmsg and your CRM all day, wasting precious minutes that could be better used tending clients or finding leads?

And be honest… is your current CRM kind of a drag? We have some good news for you! We’ve just rolled out a complete Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration.

It’s a complete sales tracking tool that tracks emails, calls, contacts, funnel position, and overall targets. Combine that with all the functionality of Salesmsg, and you’ve got one fiercely smart CRM that can save you a lot of stress. You might even get some of that work-life balance you’ve been hearing about. To help prove that, let’s go through the simple set-up process itself.

How to Setup the Salesmsg-Pipedrive Integration

After starting a completely free trial with Pipedrive, all you have to do is find it within the integrations settings in your Salesmsg account. To reiterate, these are the three steps:

1. Go to the Salesmsg listing on the Pipedrive Marketplace

Pipedrive SMs Marketplace Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration

2. Click on “Allow & Install”

And you’re done! Once installed, you’ll get access to some innovative features that you didn’t know you needed in your CRM.

6 Ways to Leverage the Salesmsg – Pipedrive Integration

Combining all the information you usually store in a CRM with the functionality of Salesmsg can save some serious time. Here are six ways this integration can help make your sales process a lot more efficient:

Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration User Interface

1. Add Pipedrive Contacts with 1 Click

Do you enjoy copy and pasting contact info between your current CRM and Salesmsg? Of course not. With this integration, you can search by name or email to find your existing Pipedrive contacts and sync them with Salesmsg so all of your chats are posted to the activity feed.

pipedrive adding contacts

2. View Prospects’ Text History within Pipedrive CRM

The Salesmsg-Pipedrive integration allows you to see all your communications in one place, so you don’t have to juggle two (or more) applications while making important decisions. Plus, it makes it easy to share conversations with your coworkers so everyone’s on the same page.

Pipedrive CRM Text History

3. Enrich Texts with MMS Picture Text Messaging

A picture can definitely be worth a thousand words when it comes to troubleshooting issues with clients. Salesmsg allows you to send and receive images to help navigate tricky issues, which can then be saved to their Salesmsg account.

Salesmsg MMS Messaging

And you can send emojis, too. They’re always a great way to keep communication easy, relatable, and light. 🙂

4. Schedule Text Messages To Pipedrive Contacts

If your sales strategy requires you to send follow-up messages at certain intervals of time, you can do that. Once you have all of your contacts in Pipedrive, you can find your clients and schedule your communications ahead of time.

Salesmsg Scheduled Messages

5. Use Canned Messages to Reply Quickly To Pipedrive Contacts

Pipedrive Salesmsg Canned Messages

Instead of rewriting the same message over and over, you can reach out to a ton of your prospects in Pipedrive using Salesmsg’s “canned message” functionality. Plus, it’s a convenient way to share best practices with your new coworkers or employees.

Pipedrive Salesmsg Canned Messages 2

6. Text Pipedrive Prospects on the Go

If you use the Salesmsg mobile app (available for iOS and Android), you can have constant access to all of your contacts stored in Pipedrive. This allows you to chat with your clients when you’re on the go without worrying about redundancy or missed opportunities.

Salesmsg Mobile Application

Close More Deals with our new Pipedrive SMS Text Messaging Integration

If you already love Salesmsg, you can quit juggling it with another CRM and create a seamless sales experience with Pipedrive. They’re currently offering a free trial — they won’t even ask for your credit card info. Take it for a spin and see if it works with your sales strategy.

Because juggling is for clowns, not your sales tools.

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