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SMS Marketing: Definition, Examples, and Strategies

SMS Marketing: Definition, Examples, and Strategies

Did you know the average consumer spends four hours a day on their phone?

It’s insane, and perhaps a little alarming, but true. 

Nearly half (46%) of people even admit to checking their phone before they get out of bed in the morning. 

Me? Guilty as charged. 

So what better medium to use for reaching consumers than their phone?

And hands down one of the best ways for businesses to communicate is through SMS marketing.

85% of consumers prefer to receive texts from brands rather than a phone call or email, and they’re 134% more likely to respond to a text than an email. 

And here’s the kicker. SMS marketing is still fairly uncompetitive, with only 39% of marketers currently using it. 

It truly is your oyster as long as you know how to use it correctly and follow some key strategies that have been proven to get mega results. 

That’s what I’m going to tackle at length in this post.

What Is SMS Or Text Message? | SMS Meaning

What Is SMS Or Text Message? | SMS Meaning

SMS stands for Short Message Service. 

SMS is the most common form of texting and is used to send messages from one mobile phone to another. 

Although SMS is a 101 level term, there’s still quite a bit of confusion as to what it exactly entails. 

In this post, I’m going to thoroughly dissect the meaning of SMS to give you a crystal clear understanding of the following:

  • What is an SMS? 
  • How does SMS work? 
  • How did SMS get started?
  • Why is SMS important? This is critical for marketing and businesses!
  • How you use SMS in your business.

So, what’s SMS? Let’s get into it. 

56 SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

56 SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

Looking for SMS marketing statistics for 2021?

Here are fifty-six need-to-know SMS marketing stats for 2021 with zero accompanying BS.

First off, two quick points about these SMS marketing statistics.

  • This is about SMS marketing statistics. SMS, not AI message bots, Facebook messenger, or website live chats. Just texting, plain and simple.
  • SMS marketing statistics are not just “nice to know” numbers. They have a connection to life and biz — your life and biz! That’s why we’re upfront about recommending Salesmsg for two way business texting with your customers, leads, and teams.

Let’s get into it.

Learn How Text Messaging Can Help Boost Your Customer Service Efforts & Save Your Company Money

Learn How Text Messaging Can Help Boost Your Customer Service Efforts & Save Your Company Money

Text messaging statistics show that this method of communication is more cost-effective and even preferred by customers over other communication mediums.

If you’re looking to grow your brand, and ultimately your business, you’ve likely done some research on new tools and technologies that are aimed at boosting your marketing efforts. One area that you may not have investigated yet is text messaging. While no customer wants to be bombarded with a large number of text messages, if orchestrated correctly, mobile messaging can be a unique way to connect and keep the dialogue going between you and your customers.

Why text messaging could make sense for your business

When it comes to text messaging, the numbers don’t lie. With more than 4 billion people around the world using text messaging, it should come as no surprise that if used effectively, this form of communication can be a beneficial and convenient way to connect with your customers. Below are just a few of the reasons why your organization should look at the possibilities of implementing SMS messaging into your overall marketing strategy.

Consumers have a unique bond with their mobile phones

According to research from Morgan Stanley, roughly 91% of US consumers keep their phones within reach 24 hours a day! In addition, since most smartphones support SMS messaging, if you’re looking to quickly connect with your customers, there’s truly no better option than leveraging the power of text messaging.

Instant two-way communication

Most marketers are used to using email or even postal mail where the chances of a customer actually opening your offer are incredibly slim. With today’s email clients beginning to be powered by artificial intelligence, it has become much more difficult to avoid a customer’s ‘spam’ or ‘promotions’ folders. With text messaging, your message is instantly placed in front of your target customer, and with stats showing that 95% of texts are read within the first 3 minutes, it’s easy to see how effective SMS based marketing can be.

Consumers prefer text messaging

In today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, consumers are often short on time and prefer text messaging as opposed to lengthy phone calls. When it comes to business correspondence, according to Pew Research, 78% of individuals say they would rather communicate with companies via text as opposed to other means of communication.

Text messaging is more cost effective from a business perspective

Any business is always looking for unique ways to cut costs. Customer service can be a significant cost for companies where representatives spend large amounts of time on the phone or communicating back and forth via email. Text messaging provides a more instant two-way communication method where customers can quickly access customer service representatives, and the representatives can, in turn, respond more quickly to help solve problems and cut costs. Effective customer service is all about satisfactorily handling as many inquiries as possible in a set period of time, and text messaging allows organizations to respond to more customer requests in a timely manner.

Boost your business texting efforts with Salesmsg

If you’re beginning to see the benefits of adding text messaging as a way to better communicate with your customers, you should look at the many unique features of a tool like Salesmsg. With Salesmsg, you’ll be able to offer scalable, two-way text messaging that can allow you and your team to instantly respond to customer requests from an easy to use, cloud-based platform. Stop juggling customer requests from your personal mobile phone and instead leverage the power of Salesmsg, which can allow you to ensure all of your SMS messages are integrated into your favorite CRM. To get started with Salesmsg today, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Owning Your Audience: How Text Messaging Helps You Overcome the Barriers of Social Media

Owning Your Audience: How Text Messaging Helps You Overcome the Barriers of Social Media

Because we’ve made our smartphones the device of choice, text messaging provides you with a messaging option that doesn’t have to navigate social media algorithms to get in front of your customers.

What’s up with that? You’ve connected with a customer on a social media network like Facebook or Instagram. They’ve signaled that they want to see and hear what you have to say. But now, whether you pay for it or not, social media network algorithms are deciding how visible to make your posts.

A single post on a social media network no longer instantly makes your message available—even to those who have specifically asked to see it. The “direct reach” to these important people hasn’t been disconnected, but it’s certainly now a convoluted route. If you want a direct connection that’s not at the mercy of being cut by social media algorithms, you need to switch to text message marketing.

By the numbers

Even the government is not immune to being distanced from users on social media. A recent article on a website for government technology reports that some government entities are reporting a reduction by as much as five times.

What are these algorithms doing, anyway? The major social networks don’t officially release all the details, and the algorithms constantly change. But, let’s say you want to reach customers who have opted to follow your Instagram account. There are seven key factors you have to juggle to make sure your message actually reaches them.

  1. How much engagement your posts receive
  2. How long your posts are viewed
  3. Who engages most with your posts
  4. The time of day you post
  5. The type of content you post
  6. How often your account is searched for
  7. How often your posts are shared as direct messages

It’s easy to see that this is all about engagement, but it creates a “chicken or the egg” situation because you can’t get engagement unless your posts are seen. Unless, of course, you pay for it.

A direct connection

You already know where your audience is, but it has become more important to know how your audience is getting there. From browsing the internet—including participating on social media—or communicating with friends, it’s by using their mobile device.

And, because we’ve made our smartphones the device of choice, this provides you with a messaging option that doesn’t have to navigate social media algorithms to get in front of your customers. It’s a direct connection. Here are the top four benefits to using text messages as a way to have direct access to your customers.

 1.   Visibility

Social media can get your brand in front of a wide audience, but in most cases, you’d rather have it seen by your target market. Even if you pay to post or promote it, you’re still a victim of social media algorithms. Plus, you still have to find a way to stand out and capture attention. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of posts, even if you are promoted. You get no special attention.

It’s a different story with text message marketing. You’ve got a direct connection and usually deeper attention. Your message has a tendency to be treated less casually by recipients than yet another notification from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter about a post. Many companies report higher visibility as a result.

2.  Connectivity

There’s a balancing act you have to accomplish with social media marketing. You’ve got to engage them without annoying them. Many companies judge their marketing content by how frequently it gets shared because we all love to pass along helpful or entertaining stuff to friends and loved ones.

What we don’t appreciate is coming across something we find interesting and want to follow up on, but we know we’ll probably never see it again when we look for it later. Yes, the social media networks have ways for us to save posts for later viewing—if we’re so inclined to figure it out. A text message, on the other hand, can’t get easily lost. We can quickly view it and decide to act on it later.

3.  Convenience

What we’ve always loved about social media is the ability to reach an intended audience quickly and easily with just one post. The social media platforms set up tools to make that possible, which means we don’t necessarily equate the same capability to text messages.

SMS marketing platforms offer this same powerful convenience—but with one important difference. You skip dancing with social media algorithms and connect directly with every single one of the people you set out to reach. Text messaging hands you more direct contact for the same effort.

4.  Cost

A standard Facebook post is free, as is a post on Instagram, or a tweet on Twitter. It costs you nothing to build followers or engage with existing customers. However, you first have to hope you make it in front of people’s eyeballs because of the growing number of prerequisites for your posts.

Facebook and Instagram ads and promoted tweets can be an expensive proposition. You’re paying for prominence, but you’re still fighting for attention as users scroll quickly to try to make it through everything that’s been recently posted in order to find relevant content.

Yes, you pay for business text messaging, too. But, when you consider the visibility and the direct connection, the return on investment is much higher. It’s possible that a single promoted tweet might cost you more than several text message campaigns—direct text messages free of competition.

Two-way business text message platforms are easy to use and don’t even have to be tied to your existing phone service. Find out more and start a 14-day trial.