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Best Landline Texting Services In 2021 [Announcing Salesmsg Landline Texting]

Best Landline Texting Services In 2021 [Announcing Salesmsg Landline Texting]

The best landline texting services make it easy and fast to start. Because if text enabling your landline feels like filing taxes, you won’t do it. If they force you to spend weeks following up like a debt collector, you won’t do it. Basically if it’s hard to start, chances are you won’t finish and reap the rewards landing texting offers!

These best business texting services make it easy and fast to enable existing landlines. To get yours going here’s what this article will highlight:

  1. How Your Customers Feel When Your Landline Isn’t Text Enabled
  2. Announcing the Best Landline Texting Services by Salesmsg
  3. How Much Should You Pay To Enable Your Landline
  4. How Long Should It Take To Text Enable Your Landline
  5. Landline Texting FAQs
  6. Text Enabled Your Landline In Seconds

PROBLEM SOLVED: If your leads, customers, and contacts call your office line, but text you on another number, get ready to pick the best landline texting service, without switching numbers or phone carriers.

Explained: The Salesmsg SMS API (Unlock Texting’s Full Potential)

Explained: The Salesmsg SMS API (Unlock Texting’s Full Potential)

Have you ever wished Salesmsg was completely customized to your business? Well then, the Salesmsg SMS API is perfect for you. As a business owner, team leader, or developer you can scope and scale Salesmsg to look and behave exactly as you’d like.

In this article, discover the basics of the Salesmsg SMS API including…

  1. Why did we build an SMS API?
  2. Who did we build it for?
  3. Innovative Use 1: Visualizing Conversations
  4. Innovative Use 2: Demographic Driven Text Messages
  5. Innovative Use 3: Conditional Logic Driven Text Messages
  6. Action Items For You
5 New Business Texting Features For Marketing, Sales, & Support Teams

5 New Business Texting Features For Marketing, Sales, & Support Teams

Business texting is all the rage! Customers, clients, leads… everyone wants to text you and your business. The big questions are: “do you and your team have a business texting platform?” and “are you sure you have the right texting platform for your marketing, sales, or support team?”

In this article, discover 5 business text messaging features to help you answer both questions, especially if you use HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, PipeDrive, or Zapier!

Business Texting Features You Need To Succeed

  1. Chrome Extension Notifications
  2. Team Profile Avatars
  3. Automated Zapier Tag Removal
  4. Webhook Search By URL
  5. Instant “No Import” CRM Texting
[Zapier Updates] SMS Unsubscribes, Search, and More!

[Zapier Updates] SMS Unsubscribes, Search, and More!

If you’ve been integrating Salesmsg with Zapier, then you’re going to love these new updates we made to our integration.

Before we dive in, you check out the Zapier integration here.

Let’s dive in…

Trigger: New Contact Unsubscribe

Zapier salesmsg new contact unsubscribe

This Zapier trigger will fire when a Salesmsg contact has opted out or unsubscribed. When a contact unsubscribe’s from your Salesmsg phone number, this Trigger will fire in Zapier. 

There’s two ways a contact can opt out of Salesmsg:

  1. A contact can reply STOP, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE to your phone number.
  2. You can opt out a contact manually from Salesmsg.

If you need to update your CRM or other platform when someone opt’s out, this is a great Zap to setup.

Action: Find Contact + Search

Zapier Salesmsg Search

With our new Search Action, you can search to find existing contacts within your Salesmsg account. You’ll be able to search based on first name, last name, email, and phone number to find a contact.

And if that contact doesn’t exist than you have the option to create a new contact.Zapier sms search

Trigger: Select a Specific Salesmsg Number (Received, Sent, Phone Call Received)

zapier trigger sms

We also made an update to the way we setup Triggers.Originally, when a new text message received it would search all numbers across your Salesmsg account to then run the next Zapier Actions

But with our update you can now select which specific phone number(s) you want to trigger when the trigger (new message received, new message sent, new phone call received) fires.

This will give you more flexibility to ensure that only a specific number or group of numbers fire rather than any number on your Salesmsg account.

Automate Your Text Messaging With Our New Zapier SMS Integration

Automate Your Text Messaging With Our New Zapier SMS Integration

Zapier + Salesmsg

“Does Salesmsg integrate with _________?”

We get that question quite a lot here, but truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to integrate with every single CRM and niche platform out there. There’s literally thousands of systems, platforms, and CRM’s out on the market, yet such little time, resources, and manpower to integrate with them all.

But thanks to our brand spanking new Zapier integration, Salesmsg now integrates with over 750+ apps to bring you the world’s easiest way to send and receive sms messages online.

What is Zapier?

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the software, Zapier is a software that lets you automate aspects of your business workflow by connecting apps together.  For instance, you can automate text messages to leads 15 minutes after they fill out your webform online. You can automate actions on over 750+ different web apps based on actions that occur in your Salesmsg account and phone numbers.

The possibilities are endless!