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What You Need To Do NOW For 10 DLC Compliance

What You Need To Do NOW For 10 DLC Compliance

10 DLC compliance is now required for businesses who send SMS or MMS. You’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you have unanswered questions or some concerns. This article arms you with exactly what you need to know and do to ensure your business has 10 DLC compliance.

7 Top Business Texting Features From March 2021

7 Top Business Texting Features From March 2021

Imagine not having email 5 years ago. How many missed sales, connections, or flabbergasted customers would you have? Hard to quantify, but let’s just say without email, many businesses (maybe even yours) would not be here today. So now that SMS is the new email, business texting is expected!

In this article, you’ll discover 7 new business texting features designed by Salesmsg to help you communicate faster, sell more often, and simply manage all of your company texting in one place.

7 Newest Business Texting Features

  1. Landline Texting Made Simple
  2. SMS In ActiveCampaign Automations
  3. Real Time Search For Pipedrive Chrome & Mobile Users
  4. Bigger Canned Message Preview Window
  5. Hover Over To See Long Trigger Names
  6. New Conversation Assignment & Sent By History
  7. Conversation Chat Box Is Now “Sticky”
  8. BONUS: Try Salesmsg Business Texting For Free

SMS Marketing Statistics 2021 [NEW INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve put together a handful of the most eye-popping SMS marketing statistics 2021 that you need to know.

SMS is nearly thirty years old, now. (1992! Who knew?!) But age hasn’t blunted the impact of SMS marketing. Today, SMS marketing remains one of the most effective methods of reaching existing customers and prospects. In addition, SMS marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing tactic.

Check out these SMS marketing statistics 2021. We think you’re going to agree.

SMS Marketing Stats Infographic

SMS marketing is changing with the advent of A2P 10 DLC (app-to-person, ten-digit long code). If you have any questions about 10 DLC, we’ve probably answered them in our 10 DLC FAQ.

Still have questions or concerns about 10 DLC? Take our quick quiz.

We’re always standing by to answer your questions or help with SMS marketing. Shoot us a text and we’ll be by your side: (561) 788-7898

Best Landline Texting Services In 2021 [Announcing Salesmsg Landline Texting]

Best Landline Texting Services In 2021 [Announcing Salesmsg Landline Texting]

The best landline texting services make it easy and fast to start. Because if text enabling your landline feels like filing taxes, you won’t do it. If they force you to spend weeks following up like a debt collector, you won’t do it. Basically if it’s hard to start, chances are you won’t finish and reap the rewards landing texting offers!

These best business texting services make it easy and fast to enable existing landlines. To get yours going here’s what this article will highlight:

  1. How Your Customers Feel When Your Landline Isn’t Text Enabled
  2. Announcing the Best Landline Texting Services by Salesmsg
  3. How Much Should You Pay To Enable Your Landline
  4. How Long Should It Take To Text Enable Your Landline
  5. Landline Texting FAQs
  6. Text Enabled Your Landline In Seconds

PROBLEM SOLVED: If your leads, customers, and contacts call your office line, but text you on another number, get ready to pick the best landline texting service, without switching numbers or phone carriers.

New! Native ActiveCampaign SMS Integration for Automations

New! Native ActiveCampaign SMS Integration for Automations

Not using an ActiveCampaign SMS integration? Well, you’re working too hard. Stop it! Manage your SMS marketing and sales channels with ease. Just imagine text enabling your entire ActiveCampaign account in seconds and the joy your team will feel when they never need to switch in and out of apps again!

Keep Reading To Discover…

  1. What Is The ActiveCampaign SMS Integration
  2. What Problems Does The ActiveCampaign SMS Integration Solve
  3. How To Text Enable Your ActiveCampaign Automations In Seconds
  4. How To Connect Your Account With ActiveCampaign SMS Integration
  5. The “Bad To The Bone Trick” never need to switch app
  6. Action Items

What Is The ActiveCampaign SMS Integration

Think pipes. ActiveCampaign needs to send and receive info on what, when, and who to send a text. Fortunately there are many ways to get this done, but some better than others. In our opinion the best way is the direct and “native” way using a direct “pipe” you can call an integration.